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About Us

Co-creating Solutions For A Better Future

Investing in a complete innovation ecosystem to assist customers in the process of digital transformation.

Who We Are

We are a global company with more than 35 years of experience digitally transforming businesses for today’s dynamic environment.

Created in 1987 and guided by a shared entrepreneurial spirit, we work collaboratively alongside local, regional and global clients to co-create specialized, industry-focused solutions enabled by the latest advancements in technology.

From artificial intelligence to automation, cybersecurity, hybrid infrastructure and beyond, we are a one-stop shop for digital solutions. With an ever-growing ecosystem of ventures, partners and capabilities, we are constantly expanding our offerings, finding new and innovative technologies to help our clients convert their ideas into business realities.

We believe in the power of technology. We know constant innovation is essential for modern businesses to stay one step ahead of the competition. But we also understand that technology is the tool, not the solution itself. That’s why we operate with a human-centric approach: because we understand that technology doesn’t create innovation, people do.

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Stefanini Cares Program

Stefanini Cares is our corporate social arm dedicated to volunteerism, charity, employee engagement, and all things caring! It was established in Manila in 2017 and, since then, we’ve expanded to other regions to help wherever we can. Find out exactly what we do to give back to our communities and our people.

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Unthinkable But Possible - Stefanini Group

Unlock the power of your imagination and explore the possibilities of the impossible. Dream and transform the unimaginable, possible.

We are the Stefanini Group.


We Are The Stefanini Group

We make the Unthinkable, Possible.

We make the Possible, Tangible.

Everything is Tangible when we Co-Create.


Formula To

We operate with an entrepreneurial mindset that drives us all to act to impact.

We orchestrate relationships between people, technology, and business.



We collaborate with a network of clients, partners, and ventures, always expanding our capabilities to design new, cutting-edge solutions.


By The

Digital Entrepreneurs
We are 38,000 digital entrepreneurs spread across 41 countries and speaking 45 languages.
Client retention rate
Our client retention rate is 97% and our average client relationship lasts 11.9 years.

Smart Offers

We combine technical expertise with industry-specific knowledge to design smart, customized offers that make it easier for our clients to digitally transform their businesses.


Innovation Foundation

With ever-changing consumer demands, it’s our job to embrace disruption, designing a better future through innovation. To do this, we leverage emerging technology, like applied AI, to drive constant innovation throughout our ecosystem.


Why Client
Choose Us

Our track record of success has spanned decades, continents, and industries. We are the ideal innovation partner because:

We are leaders in Applied AI with more than 12 years of experience.

We walk the talk, taking ownership and embracing technology from within.

We are solutioners, using technology to make it easier for our clients to tackle industry-specific challenges.

We are creative and adaptable with a proven ability to deliver, turning dreams into business realities.

Built To Be Digital

We have human technological creativity. By co-creating with our clients, partners, ventures, and employees, we provide solutions that are innovative and forward-thinking.

Marco Stefanini - Interview For Fuel Leadership

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Stefanini Reorganizes, Begins New Chapter As Stefanini Group

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Farlei Kothe - Leadership And Strategies In EMEA

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Marco Stefanini - Navigating Tech, Embracing Innovation


Through the latest technology and a wide range of innovative solutions, we work to make the dreams of our customers, employees, and shareholders a reality.


We are driven by the following values: integrity, reliability, creativity, and positivity. Our approach is focused on finding the most sustainable outcomes and always acting based on these values.


We aim to be the best technology provider, to be globally recognized and admired as a strategic partner, and to always serve our clients passionately.

We Operate In Over 41 Countries

Our History

  1. Acquisition of Protega Managed Cybersecurity
  2. Acquisition of Safeway Consultoria,, and Tatic Software
  3. Acquisition of Cobiscorp, Ecglobal, and NewM
  4. Aquisitions of CRK and Sapia (Peru)
  5. Stefanini Acquires Holding Haus, Owner of W3haus agency in Brazil. goal of the company is to expand operations in digital marketing, forming a hub that already has the Brazilian Gauge, Inspiring and the Romanian Infinit. Stefanini also acquires Mozaico, Logbank, two units of Diebold Nixdorf Brasil; Cyber Smart Defense (CSD) in Romania and N1 IT.
  6. Acquisition of TecCloud in Brazil
  7. Scala's (Stefanini Group) acquisition of Statistics Segura (ES), Magma (health vertical) and Intelligenti (management of labor claims)
  8. Obtaining ISO 14001, internationally accepted certification in Environmental Management and CarbonNeutral®: international certificate for the green use of electricity. Acquisition of Gauge
  9. Acquisition of Sysman in Colombia and Rafael (Israel)
  10. Merger with HMI Engineering, a joint venture with Systems Theme for creation of Stefanini Capital Market and the launch of Inspiring, a new Stefanini Group company focused on telecommunications. Stefanini also acquired 40% of the state company Booty Pay. Opened an office in Ontario, Canada, and another in Singapore, which also act as a center of research and development.
  11. Business Consulting StrengtheningCreation of Datastorm (a company focused on Big Data)Obtaining the ISO 27001
  12. Acquisition of US RCG Staffing
  13. Start Innovation Project Recognition as the fourth most innovative company in Brazil by Fast Company Acquisition of Orbitall, Top Systems, and Woopi Branch opening in South Africa Recognition as the third most internationalized Brazilian company in the ranking of Fundação Dom Cabral
  14. Continuity of regional growth and accelerated growth of global accounts with the consolidation of global operations. Increased international presence (17 to 28 countries)Acquisition of CXI (USA)Acquisition of Information & Technology (Colombia)Branch opening in Manila (Philippines)China Investment and branch opening in Jilin
  15. Acquisition of Vanguard (1st acquisition of the year).Acquisition of Sunrising.Organic growth.Continuation of the Process of Globalization.Branch opening in Belgium.Annual sales of $ 1 billion.First international acquisition - Tech Team (USA)
  16. MPS.BR Certification level A.Creation of Stefanini Document Solutions from the acquisition of Calere company.
  17. Branch opening in Canada.
  18. The company is the first in South America to be included in The Black Book Outsourcing (the most coveted prize of the category in the world).Marco Stefanini is invited to attend the CEO Forum between Brazil and USA.
  19. Inaugurations offices in England and India.
  20. Inaugurations offices in New York and Italy.CMM: maximum level of achievement, the number 5.
  21. Opening of branch in Portugal and beginning of operations in Angola (Africa) and achievement of CMM Level 3.
  22. Opening of branch in Spain.Creation of Stefanini Training.
  23. Obtainment of level 2 Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  24. Branch opening in Brasilia and Peru subsidiary, Colombia, Mexico, and USABeginning of the activities of the Stefanini Institute.
  25. Branch opening in Salvador and the subsidiary in Chile. Beginning of CRM and BI services.
  26. Branch opening in Recife - analysis of processes.
  27. Opening of branch Fortaleza - major expansion of software factories around the country.
  28. Opening of branches Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro / Opening the Networking division.
  29. ISO 9001.1st international subsidiary in Argentina.1st Brazilian company to enter into partnership with SAP.Expansion of activities: ERP.
  30. Beginning of national expansion, opening branches in Campinas, Curitiba, and Porto Alegre.Establishment of the cell model.New office opening (1000m2) in SP.
  31. First software factories / growth close to 200%.Start of social responsibility projects.
  32. Brand consolidation: This year the consultancy had revenues of $1 million.
  33. Technological advance / transfer from mainframe to new technologies.
  34. Start of outsourcing services.
  35. Opening of training courses for professionals: Itaú, Lloyds, National Bank, Bradesco.
  36. Office opened on Avenida Paulista (38 m²).
  37. Start of the company's activities, at Marco Stefanini’s home.

Global Quality Policy

“We seek to keep our customers satisfied, focus on management best practices, and look for
continuous improvement through digital transformation.”

– Marco Stefanini, Global CEO and Founder

Our Commitment To Quality

At Stefanini, we believe that listening to our customers is a key component in delivering quality products and services.

We are committed to meeting our client’s quality expectations and to actively adopting the relevant standards in order to do so. Our promise is driven by our employees’ dedication, accountability, and discipline; all of which are values shared by our customers.


ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013 for global offices

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 for global offices

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 for South America

ISO 20000-1:2011

ISO 20000-1:2011 for South America


Other delivery centers are also certified on CMMI-3 with maturity level 5

SOC 2 Type II

Relevant to Security and Confidentiality

TISAX Certification

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) Certification

A Focus On Programs That Have A Powerful Social Impact

From developing educational opportunities that prepare youths for a rewarding, stable career in tech to philanthropic efforts, our different regions are constantly working to support their communities.

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