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Business Challenges

Business disruption is difficult. Being disrupted is harder.

At Stefanini, we know you depend on these systems. That’s why we provide the support you need to design, develop, implement, and maintain your applications. Our services will provide better experiences for your internal end-users and your external customers.

Solve common problems by identifying use cases, like:

  • How to transform legacy applications to improve agility and efficiency
  • How to integrate applications to the cloud
  • How to improve application engineering
  • How to improve time to market and mitigate risk with business, development and operations

Our Next Gen Applications Capabilities

Digital AMS

We support your ADM and we modernize systems with data collection and automation so your business thrives.

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Digital Software Factory

Our digital software factory is a delivery ecosystem, focused on maximizing value delivery in a sustainable way. 

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Digital Product Development

Create new software quickly and easily in a flexible, strategic and scalable model.

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Platform Implementation & Integration

We manage the administration of current systems while implementing new digital solutions.

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An Agnostic Approach To Technology

Stefanini supports the systems you already rely on. We know how to leverage them to improve business processes and productivity.

Our global workforce supports more than a dozen Platform as a Service and Software as a Service tools to ensure these systems are working for you. Our long-term partnerships include Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Salesforce.

Our extensive experience in ERP can you optimize Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP to improve efficiency and increase return on investment.

Our TotalCare for Salesforce service provides the expertise to fully leverage its ecosystem including marketing, sales, service, and custom apps. We tailor our services to your needs across helpdesk, basic administrative support, custom development, integration, and strategic advisory services.

Migrating to the cloud feels daunting but Stefanini’s expertise and leadership will make it a smooth transition with Azure, SharePoint, etc.

Native Web
When you have critical concerns related to agile applications services for, .NET and Java, we can provide the support you need.

Next Gen Applications In A Minute

Our Next Gen Application Services leverage systems and platforms you already rely on a day-to-day basis, and optimize them to improve your productivity and increase ROI.

Do's and Don'ts of Custom App Dev

Avoid Common Pitfalls And Maximize Your App's Potential

Master application development with our infographic guide. Discover the do’s and don’ts, avoid mistakes, and create successful apps.

Adaptive Technology For The Future

Increased Efficiency

Next generation applications are often designed to be more efficient than their predecessors, which can lead to increased productivity and faster completion of tasks.

Improved User Experience

Next generation applications are typically designed with the user in mind, with features that make the application easier and more intuitive to use.

Enhanced Functionality

Next generation applications often have more advanced features and capabilities than previous versions, allowing users to accomplish more complex tasks.

Greater Flexibility

Next generation applications may be more adaptable to changing user needs and preferences, allowing for customization and personalization.

Improved Security

Next generation applications may incorporate advanced security features to protect against cyber threats and data breaches.

Better Scalability

Next generation applications may be designed to handle larger volumes of data or users, making them more suitable for use in large organizations or high-traffic environments.

Client Voice: Jim Wilfahrt Of Pyxant Labs

Pyxant Labs is a bioanalytical research organization that plays a key role in researching, developing, and testing new drug compounds to bring to the pharmaceutical market. One of the primary tools the company leverages is Watson, an application that provides a comprehensive report after running samples.

When Pyxant acquired a new lab location, the company also acquired a new challenge: how to leverage Watson across multiple locales. Stefanini’s subject matter experts were ready to tackle this challenge, suggesting a new solution: migrating Watson into the cloud.

Explore Our Solutions Portfolio

Reimagine your products and services with powerful digital capabilities and industry expertise. Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of solutions and services for digitizing business at all levels. Our teams have expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, finance, technology, retail, consulting and operations.

Next Gen Applications

Our application services will support you throughout the application lifecycle from development and implementation to management and upgrades.

Digital Transformation

Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of digital solutions and services to build both a roadmap for transformation as well as the technology to truly ‘go digital’ at all levels across your organization.

Artificial Intelligence

With our ecosystem of tools, our global team of experts can help you design, plan, and build your AI experience while reducing costs and breaking down barriers to AI adoption.

Digital Workplace & Infrastructure

From employee to enterprise, our solutions help you design a digital workplace experience that enables a flexible workforce and prepares an adaptable infrastructure.


Our offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions serve to improve your security posture and protect your data against an expanding attack surface.

Automation Everywhere

Scale productivity, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by orchestrating AI and machine learning automation with business and IT operations.

Digitally Transform And Grow Your Business With Us!

Looking for new and improved ways to streamline your business? Our next-gen applications have you covered. With features like real-time collaboration, machine learning, and advanced analytics, our applications are built to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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